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When considering ways to improve a procedure lifecycle, the challenges of using paper in the field come to mind. Operators print procedures and take paper copies with them during their rounds, leaving a gap when capturing metrics about procedure execution.

Although the SmartProcedures system improves the authoring and approval process, tasks such as data collection, reporting, and compliance are far more straightforward when leveraging mobile technology. SmartProcedures Mobile improves these aspects of procedure lifecycle management. Mobile procedures help in achieving real-time collaboration and increasing worker productivity. This connected worker platform optimizes worker effectiveness, response rate, and reduces downtime.

Execute procedures on any mobile device

What is SmartProcedures Mobile?

SmartProcedures Mobile, a portable solution for the execution of operating procedures, improves process accessibility, accountability, and transparency while integrating fully with the world's leading procedure lifecycle management system.

Workers can instantly access procedure content including work guidance support, photos, videos, equipment information, and operating limits. Easy to find, read, and use procedures lead to worker adoption and utilization. Rich media bridges the knowledge gap between new and experienced workers - paper can't do that!

  • SmartProcedures Mobile ensures steps are performed in order and that all steps have been completed to finish the task.
  • One touch step sign-offs automatically record critical performance data including names, times, and dates. Workers can easily record performance notes during the job.
  • Extensive reporting provides detailed metrics about task execution, enabling fast and useful performance analysis and measurement.
Mobile example screen
Mobile example screen

About SmartProcedures Mobile

The SmartProcedures Mobile system consists of two applications that send and receive data to and from a central server.

  • The native Windows application is designed for disconnected use (such as a tablet running Windows in a location with no Internet access)
  • The HTML5 based web application is usable on any modern Internet browser and is responsively optimized for mobile screens (such as Android/Chrome and iOS/Safari)

Modern Design

  • Adjust the display with three modes: single step, section, and continuous
  • All drawings, images, and associated documents download with procedure content
  • Quickly skip a step if it does not apply to the given scenario
  • PDF view: download and see the procedure PDF on your device
  • Search for and select procedures with keyword searches based on content
  • Use tools such as an alarm, calculator, step notes and timer
  • Visually intuitive, user-friendly layout
Mobile example screen

Readings and Collaboration

  • Perform procedures individually or collaboratively
  • Take readings in procedures on your mobile device. Reading values can trigger alarms and branching procedures
  • Utilize an optional offline feature in operational environments with no Internet connection
  • View step completion in real time as part of a team. Two or more users working on the same procedure can see each other's activities as they happen
Mobile example screen
Mobile example screen

Execution Roles, Tracking, and Security Features

  • Administrator can control access to mobile procedures
  • An assigned role determines actions an individual can perform
  • Track and view procedure execution status
  • All user actions are tracked and stored in the database
  • Flexible session states: Easily suspend, resume, complete, and abandon procedure sessions
  • Synchronization system only allows one version of a procedure to be valid at any one time and automatically updates outdated procedures
Mobile example screen

Skill and Competency Assessment Features

Observe and track a person's ability to perform procedures in read-only demonstration and simulation modes.

Mobile example screen

Reporting Features

  • Control access to mobile procedure reports
  • Track procedure distribution and number of sessions
  • Track procedure execution
  • Track readings and completion by role
Mobile example screen

Audit Trail - Execution Reports

Each action the user takes while in a procedure execution session is tracked as a date/time stamped event.

View procedure execution records on the procedure’s Execution History report.

Mobile example screen

Optional Offline Use

  • Download and store procedures to your device
  • Perform procedures in the field with no Internet connection
  • Locally stored procedure execution data uploads and synchronizes when an Internet connection is available
  • Define default procedures to be loaded on a device as an administrator
  • Procedure cache retains a user's locally downloaded items if device is lost

Session Planning

  • Plan sessions that do not begin immediately and require a team lead to start it at a later time
  • Define the session name, date, and time
  • Select from roles and users
  • View a session planning summary
  • View a planned sessions list from your menu bar
Mobile example screen
Mobile example screen

Change Requests and Management of Change

SmartProcedures Mobile works with the Centurion change request management system.

Centurion allows management of many types of changes that rely on input from employees, letting you create a specific workflow to meet your needs.

When completing or abandoning a session, a user is presented with a Change Request Submission page to fill out. A user can create a new change request by entering a description and reason for the change. Centurion automatically adds other tracking information, such as who made the request and the date.

Change request notes can be commented on individual steps and appear in a table on the change request submission window. When change request notes have been made, after completing or abandoning a session, the user is presented with a Change Request Submission form.

Mobile example screen

Workflow Management – Centurion Mobile

Enjoy most features of ATR’s workflow management solution on your mobile device. Centurion Mobile saves time, streamlines and speeds completion, and maintains an audit trail to report events that occurred during the entire lifecycle.
  • Search for workflows by title/number/type, FAUS, writer/originators
  • View a workflow/work item details report.
  • View and sign off on pending reviews and requirements, launch documents
  • View and review work items with the Markup Editor
  • Sign-off, table or demote work items
  • View and complete checklists
Mobile example screen
Mobile example screen