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Procedures and Human Factors

Ensure Maximum Worker Safety

Human Factors

Human Factors is the science of understanding the properties of human capability. Human Factors involves the study of all aspects of the way humans relate to the world around them, with the aim of improving operational performance and safety through life costs and/or adoption through improvement in the experience of the end user. Find out the ways SmartProcedures help your personnel perform their tasks better and more safely. Designed around humans, SmartProcedures uniquely provides strategic ergonomic benefits.

SmartProcedures and Human Factors

SmartProcedures' innovative technology is built on human factor principles to ensure maximum worker safety and support quality performance. Designed around the need of the end users who are performing the critical tasks, coupled with the needs of the procedure writers:

  1. SmartProcedures offers strategic human factor benefits
  2. Eliminating drudgery of formatting documents and streamlining administrative tasks
  3. Improved procedure content
  4. Incorporate work guidance media for instructional and on-demand support
  5. Providing multimedia output adaptable to the specific needs of the user

OSHA Ergonomics: Guidelines


To establish a fair and transparent process for developing industry and task specific guidelines that will assist employers and employees in recognizing and controlling potential ergonomic hazards.


Each set of guidelines will address a particular industry or task. The industry and task specific guidelines will generally be presented in three major parts:

  • Program management recommendations for management practices addressing ergonomic hazards in the industry or task;
  • Worksite analysis recommendations for worksite/workstation analysis techniques geared to the specific operations that are present in the industry or task;
  • Hazard control recommendations that contain descriptions of specific jobs and that detail the hazards associated with the operation, possible approaches to controlling the hazard, and the effectiveness of each control approach.

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