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FastTrack Services

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When you need to get your project done ASAP, ATR's FastTrack Services can get you up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks.

From project kick-off to end-user deployment, ATR's team of professionals knows what it takes to move quickly so that you get results fast.

General implementation process

Fasttrack Implementation

What We Do

Procedure Program Evaluation

Your project team determines the initial business objectives and project goals.  Conclusions are subject to review of your management vision team. We base your procedure program action plan on the established priority of goals and objectives for your facility, and the availability of resources.   Learn more

Project Kick-Off

Our team identifies the project scope and potential problem areas.  We work with you to categorize key principals, needs, and expectations, and to create a project execution plan.

We review and modify current policies, practices and process for procedure usage, including:

  • Use and adherence
  • Procedure quality guidelines (Writer Guide)
  • Procedure change management
  • Procedure training/qualifications

We evaluate corporate, industry and regulatory guidelines and best practices, approve SmartProcedures configuration and functionality, create Site Implementation plans, and implement progress tracking of changes undertaken during project execution.

Software Installation and Benchmarking

The project team performs the following:

  • Collects site data on hardware, software, site operating philosophies, etc.
  • Identifies any additional factors that could influence the installation/upgrade/service.
  • Discusses particular problems/issues that site is experiencing.
  • If applicable, collection of database from client, with a careful examination and evaluation of database status and running of database migration scripts.
  • Evaluation and verification of client test environment.
  • Installation of PRiSM Suite products to client test environment
  • Benchmark of software in client test environment.

Procedure Conversion

ATR’s XML conversion experts transform your word processor documents to SmartProcedures.
SmartProcedures contain structured information that includes procedure text, step text, and metadata (additional information) about each step in the procedure. Because metadata is typically not included in word-processed documents, this value-added information must be added to your procedures when they are enhanced for use with SmartProcedures.

Storing XML-based information in a relational database for secure management and distribution, SmartProcedures provide a number of advantages over word-processed procedure files.  Our conversion team uses sophisticated XML import engines and transformation utilities.  We take your original source documents and parse through them using automated filters to identify discrete procedure steps. The resulting information is converted to structured data and stored in a mission-critical database.

After assigning appropriate properties and upgrading procedures to meet project standards, the final content is compared electronically and by expert proofreaders to ensure quality.  Learn more

SmartProcedures Configuration Management

  • For a production installation, we manage your configuration, run database migration scripts, and verify the integrity of the client production environment.
  • We benchmark and verify your installation, and provide appropriate software documentation.

Configuration can include some or all of the following:

  • Employee User Templates
  • Employee Groups
  • FAUS
  • Document Types
  • Equipment
  • General Administration Settings
  • Default Editor Mode Settings
  • Procedure Types
  • Procedure Frameworks
  • Page Layouts
  • Numbering Schemes
  • Controlled Numbering
  • Section / Step Types
  • Reference Objects
  • FlexView Design and Configuration

Administrator Training

We discuss any user/training related issues and develop a training plan to address any defined issues. We highly suggest you implement PRiSM product administration training as appropriate, led by our trained and certified staff. Also, we can provide PRiSM product documentation.

Procedure Improvement Areas

Other Services

Discover innovative tools to get work done that solve common challenges faced by industries.

Problems Solved
Problems Solved

We incorporate human-factored technologies to provide electronic enforcement of best practices. Since SmartProcedures handles the entire procedure lifecycle, procedure administration is streamlined.

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Procedure Writer Workshops
Procedure Writer Workshops

ATR provides procedure writer's courses to train and qualify your subject matter experts in the highest writing standards. We adhere to best practices and focus on human error reduction and optimum efficiency.

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Procedure Program Evaluation
Procedure Program Evaluation

Essential to a successful implementation is an evaluation of current practices and operations. ATR's expert team of experts perform procedure program evaluations covering 25 key performance areas.

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