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Cost Justification

Total Cost of Ownership and Sustainability

Return On Investment

The return on investment for the SmartProcedure system can be very significant. Besides having better procedures which lower risk, increase safety and equipment reliability, there can be substantial savings on direct procedure costs, as shown in the following table.

One of the key benefits associated with SmartProcedures is the marked reduction in formatting time required by products like Word. In many cases, formatting and procedure creation time can be reduced by as much as 75%, enabling you to re-allocate valuable manpower resources to high-value activities, while providing greater flexibility in procedure output and associated benefits to your end-user operators and technicians.

The following profit gains or reduced losses are estimates based on general industry practices and conventional Word-based solutions compared with improvements gained through SmartProcedures.

Activity Basis Potential Costs/Return

Reduced time in creating new procedures

  • 250 procedures/year
  • 10 pages/procedure
  • 2 hours per page
  • 1 hour per procedure
  • $50/hour

Reduction in formatting and proofreading by 50%.

Equates to $savings per year

Increase in knowledge capture and knowledge transfer from experience to less experienced operators

  • 75 senior operators
  • 75 median level operators
  • 2.5% improvement


Reduced time in modifying existing procedures

  • 750 procedures/year
  • 10 pages/procedure
  • 30 minutes per page
  • 1 hour per procedure
  • $50/hour

$187,500 per year

Reduced costs in producing and delivering documented Procedure training materials

  • 2000 procedures
  • 4 hours/procedure
  • $50/hour

$400,000 one time

$50,000 per year for updates

Increase efficiency of turnaround based on valid, effective procedure and user adherence, mobile access or just-in-time training

  • 1 day per year
  • $350,000/day

$350,000 per year

Mitigation of incident based on valid, effective procedure and user adherence

  • 1 incident per year
  • $500,000/incident

$500,000 per year

Reduced time in accessing valid, electronic procedures

  • 250 per operator p/year
  • 5 minutes/access
  • 100 operators
  • $50/hour

$104,000 per year

Reformatting of procedure content for output to mobile field devices (e.g. IntellaTrac)

1000 procedures

4 hours per procedure



$50,000 per year for modifications

Reduction in potential compliance violations



Reduction in potential litigation costs due to better procedure and training documentation