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Procedure Conversion

Word to SmartProcedures (XML Database) Conversion

Importing From Word

The problem with Word and other word processors is that everything contains hard-coded formatting code. Writers spend a lot of their time formatting procedures to make them look "good". This means that they have to touch each and every step on each and every page resulting in tons of embedded formatting code.

SmartProcedures changes all that by using powerful tools to strip out the unnecessary formatting and transforming the content into "gold" and creating standardized property-driven XML.

Conversion Services

The ATR conversion team provides expert services to convert word processor-based procedures (e.g. Word, WordPerfect) into standardized XML data secured in a mission-critical SQL database.

The Services Include the Following:

  • Removal of hard-coded formatting
  • Structuring of content into discrete XML steps
  • Identification of key step-based properties
  • Verification and validation of content
  • Structural upgrade of content

Details the process and options available when converting Word-based procedures to XML SQL database.

Converting Word-based procedures

Other Services

We help solve your procedure problems.

Procedure Writer Workshops
Procedure Writer Workshops

ATR provides procedure writer's courses to train and qualify your subject matter experts in the highest writing standards. We adhere to best practices and focus on human error reduction and optimum efficiency.

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FastTrack Services
FastTrack Services

When you need to get your project done ASAP, ATR's FastTrack Services can get you up and running! From project kick-off to end-user deployment, ATR's team of professionals move quickly to get results fast.

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The ATR team works with your personnel to develop the optimum project implementation to ensure success. We strive to reduce the workload of your busy team and increase efficiency throughout the project.

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