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Case Studies

OSHA Compliance, Standardization across Refining, Chemical and Ethanol Sites

The Problem

A major privately held corporation struggled with inconsistencies and significant costs from standardization using MS Word for their 15,000 operating procedures. In addition, one facility was cited in an OSHA audit for not incorporating operating limits in their procedures.

About the Client

  • 10 U.S. sites
  • Refining & chemicals
  • 7,500 employees
  • 15,000 operating procedures


  • Standardization deficiencies across multiple diverse sites
  • High costs of administration
  • Excessive formatting time
  • Operating limit citation by OSHA
  • High cost and resource burden administering global changes


After a short pilot, the corporate team worked with ATR procedure experts to standardize all elements of the procedure lifecycle to ensure each site practiced best practices and adhered to company standards. These standards were built into the SmartProcedure database and then electronically enforced by writer controls and programmatical features.


Key benefits realized by this client include:

Substantial savings through automated global changes
Reduced wear and tear on subject matter experts by eliminating formatting
Consistency across all facilities
Adherence to best practices and company standards
Greater focus on procedure content and human error reduction

Major Benefits Realized

Electronic enforcement of best practices
Global change capabilities
Single print view standard
Electronic rulebook
Incorporation of operating limits into procedures

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned during this major deployment:

  • Create corporate governance documents
  • Provide training to appropriate stakeholders
  • Promote benefits and advantages through change management
  • Incorporate best practice training