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We deploy innovative technologies and best techniques to deliver accurate, human factored content to workers in any format, on any device enabling each worker to perform flawlessly and safely every time.

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ATR helps solve procedure problems with a robust enterprise-wide digital procedure lifecycle platform called SmartProcedures®. SmartProcedures changes how high-risk, highly regulated companies create, manage, and use procedures. In the process, it ensures high quality digital procedures, maximizing worker efficiency, and safety.

This premier Digital Lifecycle Management system brings expertise specific to procedure digitization, change/approval, storage & training and use on mobile devices. It helps eliminate procedure formatting, enforces procedure structure, and maximizes worker safety.

Increase your productivity with digitized, mobilized and personalized procedures!

SmartProcedures intro image

A Digital Procedure Lifecycle Management Solution

Frustrated with your current process for creating, editing, and managing procedures?

Learn more about how SmartProcedures can streamline procedure administration and lower operational risks by watching this short video.

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