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Benefits of Mobile Procedures

by Dan Pilgrim, Marketing Manager at ATR
Benefits of Mobile Procedures

Let’s face it. Cell phones are a necessity in our daily lives. They keep us connected, but they’re also a tool. A computer in our pocket. Why not use them to perform your procedures, too?

This doesn’t mean open up a procedure PDF on your phone and give yourself a headache trying to read it. PDFs are not optimized for small screens, which is why you need digital procedures and a dedicated procedure lifecycle system like SmartProcedures. Then your procedures are optimized for a variety of outputs, including mobile.

Mobile procedures, which refer to procedures that can be performed using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, offer many benefits. Read on to discover some of the ways mobile procedures will help your workforce perform optimally.


Lugging around bulky binders filled with paper procedures is inconvenient. So is having to print procedures for your rounds in the field.

Procedures need to be replaced with updated revisions on a regular basis, they’re easily lost, and, unlike the smartphone that’s always in your pocket, it’s another thing to carry. Don’t forget a writing implement for sign-offs, too.

Mobile procedures can be performed anywhere, anytime, even with limited or no internet access as long as your software can download the procedure to your phone or tablet and upload it to the server once you reconnect. And sign-offs are a matter of simply touching the screen.

Modern Design

Instead of having to zoom in and out of a PDF on your smartphone, mobile procedures are optimized for the screen they are being viewed on. This makes them easier to read, understand, and perform.

Fonts can be changed so the step text is easier to read. Sign-offs can be completed with one touch, and timestamps automatically trigger with the name, date, and time. Keyword searches can easily be done when looking for something specific within the procedure.

Visually engaging and intuitive procedure displays keep your operators focused and attentive to the process at hand.


Mobile procedures are optimized for your mobile device, making them easy to read and perform. No more filling out paper procedures and losing valuable metrics in the process, such as who performed the procedure, whether all steps were signed off, when steps were signed off, etc. Mobile procedures provide a robust audit trail and reporting capability right in the palm of your hand.

They provide better accessibility, accountability, and transparency. Simply download the procedure to your device and begin. Step order can be enforced to ensure all steps are completed safely and within compliance. Data accuracy is increased when procedures are easier to perform, meaning less errors.

Once the procedure is complete, it can be uploaded to the database with all of the important metrics available. From there, operators can download the next procedure and be on their way to a safe and productive day.

Rich Content

Paper procedures simply aren’t as well-rounded as mobile procedures. From their smartphone or tablet, operators can access rich media content such as high-resolution photos, videos, and audio snippets directly in the procedure. This type of readily accessible content can help newer operators that don’t have the experience or knowledge of seasoned staff better understand the process they’re performing.

Step references can link to other steps or procedures at a touch of the screen. Equipment and operating limits can be displayed automatically, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Diagrams can easily be attached to steps.

Rich content enhances the procedure process and provides valuable, easy-to-digest information to both experienced and newer employees. By including additional rich content with the text-based instruction, you are providing your operators a more well-rounded procedure that is easier to follow, understand, and perform accurately.


Mobile digital procedures offer collaboration between multiple personnel. Two or more operators can perform a single procedure as part of a team, with their real-time input showing up for their teammates as they sign off on steps or input readings.

Mobile procedure collaboration is important for plant operators because it allows for real-time communication and collaboration between team members while performing critical tasks. In a plant environment, there are often complex procedures that must be followed to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Mobile procedure collaboration enables operators to access and share information, such as procedures, manuals, and diagrams, on mobile devices while performing their tasks. This can help to prevent errors, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity. It also allows for better coordination between team members, which is particularly important in emergency situations.

Procedure sessions can be scheduled and teams comprised of various roles can be added to these sessions. Trainers or supervisors, for example, could be added to a skills verifications session so they can observe the operator while they perform the procedure.

By leveraging mobile technology for procedure collaboration, plant operators can improve their overall performance and efficiency, while also ensuring that critical tasks are completed safely and accurately.

In conclusion, mobile procedures have become an essential tool for plant operators, providing numerous benefits that improve operational efficiency, safety, and productivity. Mobile procedures also streamline communication, reduce paperwork, and enable better collaboration between team members. By adopting mobile procedures, plant operators can enhance their ability to make informed decisions and optimize plant performance, resulting in better outcomes for the plant, its employees, and the environment.